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Best of the Southeast 2016


THE BEST Restaurant
Rocco’s Pizzeria
23 Brandt Street, Steinbach, 204-326-6496
    As Rocco’s Pizzeria once again lays claim to the title of best restaurant in the Southeast, it seems clear that pizza and fried chicken lovers are willing to stuff the ballot box, and themselves, in support of the Steinbach pizza joint.
Runner up: Boston Pizza

THE BEST Breakfast/Brunch
145 Park Rd, Steinbach, 204-326-4468
    There’s a new breakfast and brunch champ in the Southeast as Smitty’s scrambles to the top of the list of choices for the best breakfast/brunch in the Southeast. A turn down Park Road in Stienbach will do your taste buds a favour according to Southeast voters.
Runner up: MJ’s

35 Brandt Street, Steinbach, 204-326-9818
    Can any defeat the mighty A&W and its burger selection? Perhaps not. It seems the Steinbach restaurant has the market concerned as Mamas, Papas, Teens, Grandpas and more will surely attest. Another year, another victory in the best burger category for A&W.
Runner up: All D’s Restaurant

THE BEST Asian Cuisine
Lee’s Village Restaurant
215 Main St, Steinbach, 204-326-4449
    If it is Chinese food you crave, then Lee’s Village Restaurant delivers the best, say voters. Lee’s wins again in the best Asian cuisine category. Looking for a great meal? Chop stick to it!
Runner up: Irori BBQ House

THE BEST Desserts
Double Take Cakes
186 Main Street, Steinbach, 204-326-2997
    Say what? This destination for sweet treats, located inside Adele’s Pie and Cakes on Main Street in Steinbach, is the place to be according to survey respondents. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more are all possibilities for in search of a sugar rush.
Runner up: Doener Grill Express

THE BEST Coffee Shop
Coffee Culture
327-343 Main Street, Steinbach, 204-326-4565
    There a new king of coffee in the Southeast and this one comes with a touch of culture. Coffee Culture has won over hearts and caffeine saturated minds of voters as it claims its first title as the best coffee shop, after little more than a year in operation on Main Street in Steinbach.
Runner up: Tim Hortons

THE BEST Ice Cream
Dairy Queen
103 – Hwy. 12 North, Steinbach, 204-326-1373
    How cool is this? There are days like the recent Miracle Treat when DQ shows it’s a happening place but Southeast voters show you that this ice cream icon is worth a visit on any day of the year.
Runner up: Ste Anne Co-op (Brandt Road location)

Niakwa Pizza
197 Main Street, Steinbach, 204-320-9955
    I guess you can say they’ve delivered. Southeast voters have cast their eyes to a different pizza pie in 2016 and said, “That’s amore!”, to Niakwa Pizza in Steinbach.
Runner up: Rocco’s Pizzeria

THE BEST Sandwich
Main Bread and Butter
253 Main St., Steinbach, 204-326-6108
    A regular favourite for the best sandwich shop in the Southeast, Main Bread and Butter must have confidence that the support of voters will continue as it eyes an expansion of its shop on Steinbach’s main drag.
Runner up: Subway

Main Bread & Butter
253 Main St., Steinbach, 204-326-6108
    Feeling down? A bit under the weather? Maybe a big bowl of chicken noodle soup is what you need. If that’s the case, or even if your searching for another kind of soup, voters say that Main Bread and Butter is once again the place to be.
Runner up: Rhyme or Reason Cafe

THE BEST Chicken Wings
145 Park Rd, Steinbach, 204-326-4468
    Already crowned as the winners of the best breakfast/brunch, Smitty’s proves they have the winging formula in the best chicken wing category too. Why did the chicken cross Park Road? To be turned into the best chicken wings in the Southeast, of course.
Runner up: Boston Pizza

THE BEST Place to take a date to dinner
Chino’s Bistro
824 Main Street, Steinbach, MB, 204-326-9053
    Cue the mood lighting, ladies and gentlemen. Now where to visit for that great dinner date? Chino’s Bistro is proving to be a choice destination for couples looking for a good night out as it wins the category for a second year in a row.
Runner up: Boston Pizza

Sawney Beans
340 Main St., Steinbach, 204-320-2632
    Looking to relax and enjoy a meal with a cool breeze blowing through your hair? Look no further than Sawney Beans which has been selected by voters, once again, as the top choice for enjoying a meal outdoors.
Runner up: Smitty’s

THE BEST Local Pub
Sawney Beans
340 Main St., Steinbach, 204-320-2632
    Disappointed? Thought you were the best pub in town? Tough beans. Southeast voters say Sawney Beans is their destination for the best pub grub around. Voters love the patio and this vote proves it isn’t too bad on the inside either at this Steinbach watering hole.
Runner up: Smitty’s

FAVOURITE Journalist/Columnist
Marianne Curtis
    Voters have delivered Marianne Curtis another award as the favourite journalist in the Southeast. As soon as Carillon editor Grant Burr finishes penning this congratulatory note, he’s turning to the pages of the Dawson Trail Dispatch for a tip or two from the best of the best.
Runner up: Ian Froese

FAVOURITE Radio Personality
Corny Rempel
    This may sound Corny, because it is. No, seriously, it’s Corny Rempel. The Mix 96 radio personality wards off some fierce competition from his colleague, Michelle Sawatzky, to once again be recognized as a voice most voters prefer casting an ear to.
Runner up: Michelle Sawatzky

Paul Dyck
    After another strong season, and another one ready to begin, voters have chosen to anoint Steinbach Pistons coach Paul Dyck as their chosen pick for favourite coach in the Southeast. It’s an impressive mantle, one which will doubt get his engine revving for the start of a new campaign.
Runner up: Jamie Peters

FAVOURITE Southeast Politician
Kelvin Goertzen
    Feeling weary Mr. Health Minister? Here’s something to boost your spirits. Kelvin Goertzen was always a favorite while in opposition. Now he’s been elected government, so, it would seem his star has only risen. Goertzen lays claim to the title of favourite Southeast politician once again.
Runner up: Ted Falk

Pioneer Days
Steinbach Pioneer Days

    It was one of the biggest July parades in Steinbach this year. That’s right. Steinbach’s Pioneer Days Parade once again takes the title of the best parade in the Southeast.
Runner up: Hanover Ag Parade

THE BEST Festival
Summer in the City
    Steinbach took a groovy ‘60s route with theme for this year’s festival and it seems voters thought highly of the idea too. Fortunately voters weren’t too mellow to ignore the importance of voting for their favorite festival, making this a summer of love for the Steinbach festival.
Runner up: Hanover Ag Fair

THE BEST Golf Course
Steinbach Fly-In Golf Course
350 Park Road West, Steinbach, 204-320-4653
    Other Southeast golf courses will be greens with envy as Steinbach’s Fly-In Golf Course lands in top spot this year. Sorry to everyone else but there will be no mulligans. Get your game faces on and hope for better results in 2017.
Runner up: Quarry Oaks

THE BEST Campground
St Malo Provincial Park
    There’s nothing like the great outdoors and no better place to experience it than at St Malo Provincial Park.
Runner up: Lilac Resort

THE BEST Convenience Store
1st Choice
476 Main St., Steinbach, 204-326-9357
    Another year and still 1st Choice is the first choice. People like convenience and voters prove there’s nothing for convenient than visiting this business on Main Street in Steinbach.
Runner up: Crossroads

THE BEST Greenhouse
Oakridge Greenhouse
32085 Highway 52, 1 mile west of Steinbach, 204-326-1015
    Oakridge flourishes as the pick of voters proving it is more than a garden variety Southeast greenhouse. The green thumbs have spoken!
Runner up: Sunshine Greenhouse

THE BEST Insurance
Harvest Insurance
304 Main Street, Steinbach, 204-326-2323
    Southeast voters seem assured (insured?) that Steinbach’s Harvest Insurance is once again the best Southeast location for their insurance needs.
Runner up: Brio

THE BEST Women’s Clothing
Clearspring Centre, Steinbach, 204-320-5187
    The votes have been cast. If you are looking for the best women’s clothing voters say you need to look no further than a newcomer to Steinbach, Maurices at Clearspring Centre.
Runner up: Winners

THE BEST Men’s Clothing
Mark’s Work Wearhouse
Clearspring Centre, 204-326-4110
    The best men’s clothing can once again be found at Mark’s Work Wearhouse at Clearspring Centre, say voters. Take a look in the mirror, men, if things aren’t looking good, try heading to Mark’s.
Runner up: Winners

THE BEST Optical Store
Steinbach Professional Eyecare Centre
310 First Street, Steinbach, 204-326-3265
    Better? Or Worse? Better? Or worse? Actually, things are about the same. For the fourth year in a row, voters say your eye care destination should be Steinbach Professional Eyecare Centre.
Runner up: Anderson Optical

THE BEST Bookstore
Hull’s Family Bookstore
275 Reimer Avenue, Steinbach, 204-326-2430
    Now read this. Hull’s Bookstore wins again the best bookstore in the Southeast. Bookworms know how to cast a vote and Hull’s has found their support again this year.
Runner up: Fact or Fiction

THE BEST Fitness Studio/Gym
CrossFit Steinbach
121 Acres Drive, Steinbach, 204-326-3511
    Muscling past its competitors, Steinbach CrossFit has secured the Southeast’s best fitness studio award again this year. Voters know this gym is really here to pump you up.
Runner up: Snap Fitness

THE BEST Spa/Esthetics Shop or Salon
Fountain View Day Spa & Salon
34069 Borland Road, RM of La Broquerie, 204-326-320-1995
    Relax, okay? Just calm down. Fountain View Spa wins again as the best spa/esthetics shop or salon. Facial? Massage? Pedicure? Fountain View has all that and more.
Runner up: Sandals

THE BEST Dog Groomer
Shag to Chic
232 Reimer Avenue, Steinbach, 204-326-WOOF
    They call it puppy love. Raise your paws in the air and show your support for top choice for the making the best of a hairy situation. Shag to Chic is the prized pick of Southeast pooches again this year.
Runner up: Marilyn Reimer

THE BEST Car Dealership
Fairway Ford
236 Main Street, Steinbach, 204-326-3412
    It can be tough to rise to the top amongst many competitors in the Automobile City but Fairway Ford has done just that as it stakes out its place as voters’ pick for the best car dealership around.
Runner up: Ledingham GM

THE BEST Auto Service
Fairway Ford
236 Main Street, Steinbach, 204-326-3412
    This year’s best car dealership also has the support of voters when it comes to servicing too. Need a tune up? A visit to Fairway Ford is solution for most voters in this year’s Best of the Southeast survey.
Runner up: Ledingham GM

THE BEST Gas/Service Station
Ste Anne Co-op
Various Locations
    Ste Anne Co-op delivers once again as the best gas/service station in the Southeast. With so many locations throughout the region, communities far and wide have come to trust the local Co-op as a go-to source for their needs.
Runner up: Shell

 THE BEST Car Wash
53 – Hwy. 12 North, Steinbach, 204-326-3474
    This was a clean win for sure. Super Splash hoses down their competitors for the title of best car wash. A visit to their location on Highway 12 North in Steinbach will show you what experience and solid customer get you-a really clean car.
Runner up: Co-op

THE BEST Sporting Goods Store
Clearspring Centre, Steinbach, 204-320-1984
    Place a checkmark next to SportChek which is this year’s winner for the best sporting goods store. They gave it 110 percent this year besting their competition for another win.
Runner up: Source for Sports

THE BEST Butcher
Earl’s Meat Market
282 Main St, Steinbach, 204-346-6328
    The mighty Earl Funk and his staffed have butcher blocked their rivals to retain the title of best butcher in the Southeast. Who is your butcher? There can be only one and, once again, Earl’s Meat Market lands on top.
Runner up: Country Meat and Deli

Bake World
276 Main St., Steinbach, 204-326-4115
    The smell of fresh baking can be a delight to the senses. So is the sweet taste of victory. Bake World has risen above its competitors showing, in the minds of voters, their baked goods can’t be beat.
Runner up: Sobeys

THE BEST Natural Foods/Vitamin Supplements Store
Good ‘n’ Natural
116 Park Rd, Steinbach, 204-326-9565
    This year’s winner? Good ‘n’ Naturally, naturally. When voters in the Southeast have healthy living as a goal, their preferred choice is this Park Road mainstay in Steinbach.
Runner up: Shoppers Drug Mart

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