Access to Information

Access to Information Procedure

FPLP, on receipt of a written request by a customer and once that customer has verified that they are entitled to the personal information, will provide an opportunity to review any personal information that FPLP may have about that customer with the exception of any information gathered by its journalists and subject to exceptions set out in Section 9 of PIPEDA.

On receipt of written request and verification of the authority of the person to obtain the personal information, FPLP will make every effort to provide an opportunity for the customer to review the information within 30 days of the written request. If FPLP requires additional time to fulfill that request, the customer will be notified that a further period of time will be required to respond and a follow–up date will be given.

Before providing the information to a customer, FPLP will review that information and remove any sensitive commercial information about FPLP’s business practices and any personal information about identifiable third parties whom have not given consent for the information to be disclosed. If appropriate, the customer will be provided with a copy of the information, at the customer’s expense.

Where a customer believes that the personal information collected by FPLP is inaccurate, the customer may request FPLP make corrections to the personal information. FPLP may make the corrections requested. However, if there is a dispute between FPLP and the customer concerning the accuracy of the personal information collected, FPLP will note on the file that the customer disagrees with that personal information. If any third parties have been provided this information, FPLP will make all reasonable attempts to inform third parties of the correction.