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Hanover bylaw seeks more garbage control

By: Dave Baxter

Posted: 08/4/2019 9:10 AM

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Hanover council is working to ensure residents with automated garbage and recycling bins are actually bringing those bins back in off the streets after pickup.

Last year, Hanover began offering automated garbage and recycling services in five communities, as well as in some rural residential areas.

Hanover CAO Luc Lahaie said so far the program has gone smoothly, except for one issue that has prompted many complaints.

"We didn’t think we would have issues with residents not bringing their garbage bins back off the street and on to their properties, but that has been an issue and a real concern," Lahaie said.

"In certain neighbourhoods we have seen residents leave their garbage bins at the end of the driveway all week long, and currently there is nothing we can do about it to stop them from doing it."

Lahaie said bins left on streets can be an eyesore for others, and can be a safety issue as they can be tossed around by wind and hit be vehicles travelling on those roadways.

At a Hanover council meeting last Wednesday a new bylaw was introduced that would require residents to bring their bins back off the streets once emptied.

Lahaie said they have fashioned their bylaw after a similar bylaw in Winnipeg, and those who do not comply could face punishment such as fines.

"They have enforcement in Winnipeg where they can fine people after a few mornings if they are still out there," he said.

The bylaw passed first reading at a Hanover council meeting last week. Lahaie said he expects it will receive final approval at the next Hanover council meeting.

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