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Southeast election ballots set

By: Grant Burr

Posted: 09/22/2018 3:30 PM

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Municipal council and school trustee elections will be held across Manitoba on Oct. 24. Candidate lists for the election were finalized on Wednesday, Sept. 19. See below a list of candidates in municipalties and school divisions in the Southeast.

City of Steinbach
Mayor: John Fehr, Earl Funk, Paul Neustaedter
Council (six to be elected): Adam Crookes, Cyndy Friesen, Bill Hiebert, Jake Hiebert, Mitesh Kumar, Damian Penner, Susan Penner*, Jac Siemens*, Alan Wiebe, Michael Zwaagstra*

RM of De Salaberry
Reeve: Darrell Cure, Marie Lefevre
Otterburne Ward (two to be elected): Andre Carbonneau*, Louis Courcelles, Hans Gorter*
Dufrost Ward (two to be elected): Patrick Catellier*, Yves Maynard, Wain (Grouchy) Wiwsionski
St Malo Ward (two to be elected): Gabriel Gosselin*, Bruno Hebert, Gaby Tetrault
LUD of St Malo (three to be elected): Maurice Comeault*, Jason Czarnecki, James Gosselin*, Francois Lambert*

RM of Emerson-Franklin
Reeve: David Carlson, Elaine Holodryga, Ron Mihaychuk
Ward 1: Florence Beaudry, Todd Nichols, Dennis Rodewald
Ward 2: Brian Grier, John Paul (JP) Peeters, Nathan Penner
Ward 3: Kirke Calderwood, Orest Kuryk*
Ward 4: Tony Dujlovic, Archie Hunter
Ward 5: Dennis Weiss* (accl.)
Ward 6 (two to be elected): Doug Johnston*, Brenda Lange*, Larry Propp
LUD of Emerson (three to be elected): Robert Beninger, Robyn Copeland, Kelly Ihme*, Jarrett Knutt

RM of Hanover
Reeve: Stan Toews* (accl.)
Ward 1: Travis Doerksen, Peter Hiebert*
Ward 2: Bernie Stahn* (accl.)
Ward 3: Bob Brandt* (accl.)
Ward 4: Curtis Dawydiuk, Mel Funk, John H. Giesbrecht, Mel Kachur, Larry Pries, Neil Warkentin
Ward 5: Ed Martens, Gordon Meneer*, Darrin Warkentin
Ward 6: Jim Funk (accl.)
LUD of Blumenort (three to be elected): Roger Harder* (accl.), Roberto Hiebert (accl.), Kevin Medeiros (accl.)
LUD of Grunthal (three to be elected): Anita Funk, Thomas Guenther, Paul Perreault*, Jacob Peters
LUD of Mitchell (three to be elected): Brian Esau* (accl.), Brad Kehler* (accl.), Cliff Froese* (accl.)

RM of La Broquerie
Reeve: Cameron Peters, Lewis Weiss*
Ward 1 (three to be elected): Alvin Derksen*, Tyson Giesbrecht, John Letkeman, Darrell Unger*
Ward 2 (three to be elected): Paul Gauthier, Ivan Normandeau*, Shaun Sturby, Laurent Tetrault*, John Unrau
LUD of La Broquerie (three to be elected): Gaetan Bisson*, Rheal Gagnon*, Rick Lafreniere, Claude Moquin

RM of Montcalm
Reeve: Debbi Fortier, Paul Gilmore
Ward 1 (three to be elected): Louis Duval (accl.), Harold Janzen* (accl.), Paul Sabourin* (accl.)
Ward 2 (three to be elected): Jean Barnabe, Jacques Brais, Luke Chouinard, Emile Remillard*
LUD of St Jean (two to be elected): Gilbert Lavallee (accl.), Wayne Klassen* (accl.)

RM of Morris
Mayor: Ralph Groening* (accl.)
Council (six to be elected): Mervin Dueck*, Barry Fraese*, Rick Giesbrecht*, Shane Kroeker, Denis Robert*, Scott Siemens, Stan Siemens*
LUD of Rosenort: No nominations received.

Town of Morris
Mayor: Scott Crick, David Smith, Gavin van der Linde*
Council: (six to be elected): Mel Baxter, Kevin Clace*, Bill Ginter*, Chris Hamblin, Margaret Johnson, Reba Krahn, Carla Krawetz, Barry Krueger, Pro Lagos, Tim Lewis*, Ruth Murray*, Doug Penner, Matthew Schulz, Trevor Thiessen*, Wesley Zilkie

Town of Niverville
Mayor: Myron Dyck* (accl.)
Council (four to be elected): Nathan Dueck* (accl.), John Funk* (accl.), Kevin Stott* (accl.), Chris Wiebe* (accl.)

RM of Piney
Reeve: Wayne Anderson*, Derek Barrow, Claude Dubois
Ward 1: Ronnie Bugera, Ken Prociw*
Ward 2: Dale Edbom* (accl.)
Ward 3: David Beaudry* (accl.)
Ward 4: Melanie Parent* (accl.)

RM of Reynolds
Reeve: David Turchyn*, Trudy Turchyn
Ward 1: Jessica Thurston (accl.)
Ward 2: Curtis Buley*, Nancy Garand
Ward 3: Larry Carefoot, De-Ann Holmes*
Ward 4: Melanie Shendroski-Panych, Blaine Webster
Ward 5: Michael Huzel*, Robert Shendroski
Ward 6: Nicholas Friesen, Kim Zalitach
Ward 7: James Colbert, Alan Kelly*, Harriet Yarmill

RM of Ritchot
Mayor: Chris Ewen* (accl.)
Ward 1: Yves Berard, Shane Pelletier*
Ward 2: Ronald Mamchuk*, Keith Pearce
Ward 3: Curtis Claydon (accl.)
Ward 4: Janine Boulanger* (accl.)

Village of St Pierre-Jolys
Mayor: Raymond Maynard (accl.)
Council (four to be elected): Paul Gauthier* (accl.), Francine Roy* (accl.), council to fill two additional positions once they take office.

RM of Ste Anne
Reeve: Robert Desautels, Shirley Hiebert, Donald Morin, Paul Saindon
Ward 1: Renald Courcelles*, Sarah Normandeau
Ward 2: Jake Reimer* (accl.)
Ward 3: Brent Wery (accl.)
Ward 4: Fred Harder, Bradley Ingles, Donald Perrin
Ward 5: Patrick Stolwyk, Robert Sarrasin
Ward 6: Randy Eros*, Raymond Michaud
LUD of Richer (three to be elected): Norm Bremaud, Barbara Dutiaume, Roger Godard, John Lenton, Sonya Wery

Town of Ste Anne
Mayor: Michael Bernier, Richard Pelletier*, Gerald St Laurent, Donald Simard
Council (four to be elected): Tiana Bohemier, Lyle Davis, Ginette Gagnon*, Cornie Klassen, Travis Nault, David Nelson, Yvan St. Vincent*

RM of Springfield
Reeve: Vince Bennici, Bob Bodnaruk, Tiffany Fell, Ken Lucko
Ward 1: Glen Fuhl, Lorne Jaques, Suzanne Wilks
Ward 2: Howard Bredin, David Duval, Jason Franklin
Ward 3: Les Tripp, Rick Wilson
Ward 4: Valerie Ralke, Anne Wowchuk
Ward 5: Adrian Brown, Wilfred Funk, Ross Owens, Kyle Ross, Peter Williams

RM of Stuartburn
Reeve: David Kiansky, Orest Paciorka, Jim Swidersky*
Ward 1: Dan Bodz* (accl.)
Ward 2: Josh Gawronsky, Edward Penner*, Wayne K. Penner
Ward 3: Jerry Lubiansky* (accl.)
Ward 4: Jim Marynowski, Konrad Narth*

RM of Tache
Mayor: Justin Denis Bohemier, Robert Rivard*
Ward 1: Jacques Trudeau* (accl.)
Ward 2: George McGregor*, Hettie Penner (Stam)
Ward 3: Lucille Brunette*, Alison Fox
Ward 4 (two to be elected): John Halabiski, Joey Johnson, Armand Poirier*, Steve Stein*
Ward 5: Mark Brandt, Bill Heather*
Ward 6: Natashia Lapeire, Andy Rivard*, Daniel Ross, Marc Ross
LUD of Landmark (three to be elected): Brent Beltz, Steven Bowker, Gerald Kroeker, Jason Miller*
LUD of Lorette (three to be elected): Heather Delaine, Tim Graham*, Colleen Jolicoeur, Carol Laramee*, Bill Lodge, Denis Sarrasin*

RM of Whitemouth
Reeve: Walter Amerongen, Bill Dowbyhuz*, Lee Holleron
Council (four to be elected): Lori Bachman*, Tim Honke, Glenn Malkoske, Roy Nichol*, Jamie Rodgers, Hermann Saxler*, Manny Sikkenga*

Border Land School Division (Southeast wards only) 
Ward 1 (one to be elected): Jolene Bunn*, Tina Kolano, Tracey Van Osch
Ward 2 (one to be elected): Robert Pitura* (accl.)
Ward 3 (one to be elected): Gail Sutherland* (accl.)
Ward 4 (one to be elected): Albert Klassen (accl.)
Ward 5 (one to be elected): Mark Krahn (accl.)

Hanover School Division
Ward 1 (two to be elected): Carisa Klassen, Shannon Friesen*, Jennifer Lavin, Mary Yoder
Ward 2 (two to be elected): Lynn Barkman* (accl.), Sue Doerksen* (accl.)
Ward 3 (four to be elected): Ron Falk*, Danielle Funk, Joseph Giesbrecht, Rachelle Jost, Rick Peters, Brad Unger*
Ward 4: Johnathon Driedger (accl.)

Red River Valley School Division
Ward 1: Alicia Lazaridis* (accl.)
Ward 2: Jacqueline Wolfe* (accl.)
Ward 3: Kathryn Penner (accl.)
Ward 4: Fred Kelesnik* (accl.)
Ward 5: Heather Poirier, Shelly Syrota* (accl.)
Ward 6: Maureen Sicotte* (accl.)
Ward 7: Charlene Geiler* (accl.)

Seine River School Division
Ward 1 (three to be elected): Wendy Bloomfield*, Gary Nelson*, Greg Reid*, Neil Reavely, Warren Reavely
Ward 2 (three to be elected): Jessalyn Cahill*, Vicky Kiansky, Sean Maguet, Christine Roskos*, Jennifer Stefansson*
Ward 3 (three to be elected): Theresa Bergson*, Wes Keating*, Ed Mantie*, Trina Wall

Sunrise School Division (Southeast wards only)
Ward 1: Don Nichol* (accl.)
Ward 2: Vacant (to be filled by board appointment)
Ward 3: Cory Ford, Dianne Roeland
Ward 4 (two to be elected): Diane Duma* (accl.), Karen Insley (accl.)

DSFM (East Region only)
(Three to be elected): Yolande Dupuis*, Adrien Grenier*, Paul La Rocque, Dave Vielfaure

*Incumbents marked with asterisks.

Updated on Sept. 23 to include school division candidate information.

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